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Refinefabrics has been supplying all kinds of cotton fabrics for over 10 years. High quality, durable and beautiful cotton fabrics from Refine fabrics, the company mainly provides fine cotton fabrics, cotton poplin fabrics, high density cotton fabrics, synthetic cotton fabrics and more.


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Cotton Fabrics for apparel, dress,
T-shirts, bedding, curtain making industries and more.

Refinefabrics provides high quality and beautiful cotton fabrics including fine cotton, cotton poplin, high density cotton, and synthetic cotton fabrics with different styles and patterns.


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Professional Cotton Fabrics SupplierSince the Year 2010

With 10 years experience in cotton fabrics industry, Refinefabrics has successfully provided one stop cotton fabrics solutions for many clothing manufacturers around the world. The company has gained good reputation for its good service and high quality cotton fabric products.

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